Christies – the downfall of the Hospices de Beaune auction?

Well, it’s time for a general auction assessment. Was it a good year? Prices went up, for sure. However, many journalists complained of their treatment by the Christies team. Are Christies having too much influence on the famous Beaune wine auctions?

Is this famous auction losing its “commercial Karma”?

Some observers are questioning the sudden rise in bids at the beginning of the auction. Some are questioning the implication of Christies in the sale of the Presidents barrel. Others are wondering why they cannot access buyers information (which once used to be a formality) and journalists are not happy with their treatment in general – lack of info, hostile welcome, ejection from the bidding area!!).

There seems to be an excess of “policing” at the venue. Guests with “entry passes” were not allowed in and became “exterior spectators”. 

In a nutshell, has the famous “Beaune auctions” become a Christies stronghold, where neither journalists nor wine-lovers get to see the “human” side of the auctions…is this just another commercial adventure for Christies?

Just a reminder…the Christies auctioner didn’t recognize the iconic wine estate owner Louis-Fabrice Latour during  the bidding…curious way of handling such an important “public” event, don’t you think?


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